Coffee taste from Odessa

Just one month ago I wrote, that I’m looking for co-writers. Now my blogging-friend Nadiia was the firt one, who responded. Here is her impressing story:

Do you like coffee? I do! That’s why I want to share with you something special.

Let’s talk about my place of birth. Odessa city, Ukraine. I love this place; I love this way of living and our humor. If you did not know, Odessa is a city of humor.

So, maybe that`s why, we have many unusual things, such as “street coffee”!

Coffee got popular not so many years ago in our country. I am not saying that people did not drink it at all, just not that amount, which people do now. We started to get lots of small coffee shops everywhere, sometimes 3 to 5 on one street. Choose which ever you want! Each place has something different; I promise)

Before I was drinking 3-4, sometimes 5 cups of coffee per day, which is not so good, but I was in love with a taste. I just crazy about coffee! Of course, any of you will say, it is not healthy to drink it that much! Do not worry, I keep it only a cup or 2 per day now)

Coffee can be light, strong with nutty aroma, with chocolate aftertaste and so on. In each country, I did travel a little, they have their own way to make coffee. I love trying it and analyze, I always choose my favorite from different café.

Well, today, I would like to tell you about “street coffee”. I absolutely love our favorite coffee spot at the center of city. For many years my best friend, Tania and I used to walk at the center of city on the seaside and have some coffee or cocoa. It is our tradition. What coffee shop we attend you ask? Oh, you will be very surprised, none! How is that? Easy, if you visited Ukraine in any season you will understand. Probably, you even seen these magic cars with the coffee makers in the trunk right at the middle of the street and you felt the aroma from far! Yes, I said cars! I am not joking!

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist image-2.png.

It is convenient, you can get your favorite drink on the way to the park, beach or work.

There is always a crowd near coffee cars, people gathering around like bees on honey. The reason is it is fast and delicious. They always have a big variety of drinks, you can get there tea, coffee, cocoa and cold drinks as well. Just, really hard in winters, I would not like to work like that, to be honest).

Anyway, as you understood, coffee cars are really popular around of city. I guess, it is a great business and especially it is a great pleasure for coffee lovers, to have such a huge option.

If you never been to Ukraine, that’s one of the things you should try. Sometimes, coffee from a car can be little bit cheaper than regular coffee shop, it is all depends on the area.

Normally, this magic coffee cars spread around the parks, beaches, tourist areas, business areas.

All photos and text by Nadiia Ganzhyi.

Pictures were made in Shevchenko park and the park of the Victory.

More great stories from Nadiia you find here in her blog

18 Gedanken zu “Coffee taste from Odessa

                    1. It’s simple: write a story about coffee. For example your favorite coffee, a coffee farm or how you prefer to prepare your coffee. I’ve already read stories like this on your blog, haven’t I? For this we need at least three images, at least one of them in landscape format and with more than 1,200 pixels. And you send that to Everything else then. I look forward to it!

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  1. Eine schöne Ergänzung zu den Eindrücken, die ich gerade aus „Eine Formalie in Kiew“ frisch gewonnen habe. Odessa als faszinierender Ort war mir dagegen in Jabotinskys „Die Fünf“ viel früher begegnet. – Was das Unangenehme an der Arbeit der Straßenverkäufer angeht, glaube ich allerdings, einer derjenigen, die in sommerlicher Hitze einen Bratwurstgrill wie einen Bauchladen vor sich her tragen, wäre ich noch weniger gern.

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